5 Types of Kraft Boxes for Your Different Business Needs


The packaging boxes are used for a various number of reasons today. Products like electronics, toys, bakery products, food, cosmetics, and a lot of other things too are packed in these boxes. There are several different types of boxes which are used for a various different purpose.

When we are talking about different types of product packaging, there are several different options that we can choose from. It mostly depends on the kind of need that your product has. Hence, different boxes are chose. There are many companies who choose customized cardboard cases as their boxing material for packaging. But there is another type of box which is gaining popularity as the day goes by.

Kraft boxes are produced by the help of chemical pulp which is produced by Kraft process. The name suggests it says for itself when it comes to the rigidness of the box because Kraft is a German name for strength. The characteristics of Kraft offers the same as other boxes for packaging; the only main difference is that these are cheap and can be recycled.

The transformation of product packaging began when the use of Kraft as a packaging material started. The material used to make Kraft is easily accessible at large and is much cheaper than the rest. The most known feature of these packaging is the recyclable and reusable behavior. The decomposition of these boxes is natural. Although they can be used again in the manufacturing of new boxes which are durable and sturdy to endure the load of heavy products.

There are different types of uses for these different types of boxes which helps to enhance the business and to increase the revenues. The sizes, shapes, and the variety of kinds of products pack in these are different. This section is to cover the types of boxes which are a benefit for different business needs.

The counter display boxes

The counter display boxes are made out of Kraft and are put into various retail stores for the publicity and the marketing of that certain product. The display of cosmetics, jewelry, and other items for counter tops can showcase in this packaging style. The customization of these boxes is common, and therefore, these boxes have a great influence in changing the buying behavior of many customers. The use of the logo and the taglines are the most common ways of changing these packaging into the perfect marketing strategy in order to make the name of a business or a company.

Another reason for these cases to be popular is because they are compact, and they do not need too much space on the shelf or the counter.

This is why the businesses opt out this packaging style to ensure the sales and the increase in profits by doing so.

The bakery packaging

Food items have a perfect savior in the shape of these boxes. The reason behind that is the eco-friendly behavior of this packaging. The most important use of these boxes when it comes to the packaging of food is the delivery services; these services use Kraft paper boxes to make sure of the fact that the food remains safe and fresh. The material of these cases ensures that the taste of the food is maintain for a longer period.

The best choice for choosing the material for packaging if you are in a bakery business is this Kraft packaging. They will not only ensure the safety of the food, but the customize display boxes for food will also ensure that the people get attract to the packaging. Which will persuade them to buy the items in the bakery.

Gift packaging

The Kraft gift boxes are one of the most popular types of Kraft cases. The use of these cases is the best choice to pack gifts for anniversary, birthday, weddings, Christmas, valentines, new years, and many more events. This packaging material is the revolution in the gift packaging business and hence, are prefer over any other material for the containment of gifts. No wrapping is need on them, and the customize boxes also come in various colors and styles to make sure of the fact that the other person likes it.

This is the reason why businesses need them in order to boost up their sales.

The takeaway containers

One of the most important uses of these cases is for the takeaway of food. Most Chinese food businesses use oil on the inside of these packaging which ensures the safety of food. And it also helps to keep the food fresh. The reason why these are the first choice in the industry of food is that they help to prevent the food from spilling; also they come in window cuts too to make you see your food.

It is no wonder why these boxes are revolutionizing the food industry business.

The sliding drawer cases

These come with a case which is cover from the sides and a drawer like smaller case which fits in the larger. It looks like a big window casing, but in fact, is a sliding drawer. The reason why this packaging style is gaining popularity is that these take less space. Thus, ensuring lower costs while shipping.Different businesses use them for different reasons; they can use for bakery items, shirts, cosmetics, and many more too to fulfill different business needs.

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