All You Need to Know About Standing Seam Metal Roofing

In the deep South, Mid West and Northern New England, sheet metal and corrugated steel roofing systems were used solely for the industrial, commercial and institutional use in the past. Today, standing seam metal roofing has evolved to become a statement of the modern architecture. It has become a premium choice of many people wanting to have a reliable and long lasting roof protecting their homes. Once standing seam roof has been correctly installed, it becomes virtually unnecessary to maintain it. Standing seam, will more often than not last a full lifetime. These types of roofing panels are available in many materials such as aluminum, zinc and aluminum coated steel, zinc. And copper, and come coated with Cool roof rated colors, designs and styles.

Do it your self or Not

Installing sheet roofing system is not exactly a do it yourself type of project. It requires the experience and mastery of knowing how to install sheet metal panels on your roof. Which takes special training and knowledge that cannot learned from just reading the instruction manual. This type of experience can only be acquired by doing the actual roof installations and working with sheet metal for some time. Below, I am going to explain a few basic principles just to give you a better idea of some of the steps involved in the installation of this system, but first lets try to better understand the locking mechanism called the seam.

More about the seam system

Each time there is a joining, that particular area is raise creating the rib that is call the seam. It is this that connects the sheet roofing panels together. And causes the water to run off in a safe fashion without dripping amongst the panels. Standard seam roofing panels, can ordered if this is going to be a do-it-yourself job. It is custom order and arrives with full instructions. Hidden fasteners are use to join the metal panels together.

Installing roofing felt before sheet roofing panels get install

In order to block out moisture you need to have a vapor barrier installed underneath standing seam metal roof. These are normally place over the structure before the metal sheet panels get install. And are usually make from plastic or foil sheets. This creates a protective lining. This will stop the vapor from rising to the top and causing the structure to rot. It is essential to place this on all kinds of roofs, before installing the actual roofing system. be it asphalt or metal. Aside from the preservation of the material, you can also keep out extreme weather conditions to some degree by installing ice and water on the eaves of the roof, before installing vertical sheet metal panels for your roof.

When tearing off the existing roof, all the water damage boards and plywood need to replaced. The walls must be dry and debris free. The water and vapor barrier must then nailed or stapled about two feet apart in order to secure it safely.

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