Best Commercial EV Charger

Best Commercial EV Charger: Here we will cover the following types of battery chargers which are USB-based chargers, solar powered battery chargers and motion-powered chargers. Previously covered chargers include simple, trickle, timer-based and intelligent chargers in addition to universal fast, pulse and inductive chargers. As with the previous battery chargers these last three have applications used with battery chargers for electric vehicles, mobile phone chargers, charger for vehicles or use in experiments.

Lets start with the USB-based chargers. These chargers are used to charge cell phones and electronic devices. They all connect to the device via a USB port or connection. These chargers are not really battery chargers they are power adapters. These adapters are used to provide a power source for a charging circuitry contained within a mobile phone or electronic device.

USB-based chargers are notoriously diverse. They have a wide variety of DC connector styles and voltages; manufacturers do this intentionally so they are not universally compatible with each other. This is also true with different models from one manufacturer, each models has its own unique USB connector. The specifications for USB- based chargers provide a five-volt power supply, making it possible for a USB cable to be used as a power source for recharging batteries. USB charging kiosks can be found in more and more places, making it possible for people to keep their cell phones, ipads and electronic devices fully charged no matter where they are.

The next charger to be covered is the solar powered charger. These solar chargers take the suns light energy and convert it into DC current. Solar chargers are both portable and fixed mount. The fixed mounts are also known as solar panels. Solar panels are connected to an electrical grid, and portable solar chargers are off the grid.

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