Betta Fish For Sale – Tips on Raising Healthy Betta Fish

Betta fish is the most beautiful in the world. Many people breed it and enjoy feeding it as hobby. Meticulousness to play fish is not only show at a price of a few hundred thousand to more than a few million for a beautiful fish, but also shows in the process of laying, breeding and taming.


Because Betta has no origin, it is imperative that players breed and breed. In order to do so, in addition to experience, the player must have basic knowledge in breeding. According to Mr. To Minh, a longtime Betta fish player, the player must find documents by himself and ask someone with expertise to help and his own experience to breed fish. Know when the fish can breed, if pressed too early, the young eggs and the fry will be weak. In addition, for the fish that are too domesticate, the instinct for survival in the wild is also reduce. For example, when laying the eggs, the female can eat eggs and the more beautiful the fish, the higher the rate of eggs.

Breeding is difficult, creating a beautiful Betta is even more difficult. For strains that are difficult to breed, which the player calls melano, it is only used when the product is a male, and if the female is out, the player will leave because they are not fertile. Anh Minh explained: “Because the melano female when spawning, there will be no outer protective film, so it is absorbent and damaged. Therefore, when breeding females, the player leaves and uses a female. Another medium can create the Betta melano “. As for fish that have genes but have not expressed phenotype. They must bred again to produce the desired phenotype. That is why in a batch of a few hundred human players can only choose a few good pairs and betta fish for sale. However that was the beginning of the feat.

When the fry are born, the player has to provide food for them. It is much more difficult to sound simple and realistic. Unlike other fish, the Betta fry only eats small, mobile foods, ie foods like larvae or daphnia. Therefore, the decisive period for the survival of the fry depends greatly on the first 2 stages.

Once the fry have passed the difficult period after giving birth. The player continues to prevent and treat diseases for them, which are usually cause by parasites on the skin. The cause of these diseases can be due to excess water or food. When infected, the tail of an adult fish will not clam fully and not be beautiful. For Betta fish, after being raise for about 2 months. The player can distinguish between male and female and to see if the fish is beautiful or not, they have to keep for 3 months.

Currently, players mainly focus on Betta waving dragon fish. Of which the red dragon (red tail, white wagging) is the most popular. Followed by the green dragon (red tail, green waving), orange dragon (orange tail, wagging white). Golden dragon (yellow tail, white waving slightly yellow). In addition, a new type of Betta dragon is also bred by the player as a black dragon (black tail, white waving).

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