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To claim web 2.0 can be considered SEO on Buy Injectable Steroids Online With Credit Card would first require an exclamation as to what exactly is web 2.0. Over the recent past there’s been a silent revolution taking place regarding the fundamental design and functionality of many popular web sites.

Formally the general structures of most online sites allow the visitor little or no ability to actually interact with the site itself much beyond leaving a name, email address, or some such other form of id. They were limited to the role of mere spectators with little or no say regarding site content, layout, or format.

The internet identified the need to expand communication channels between users and sites inducing a more interactive feel into the fabric of the web itself. This evolution was initiated by sites such as Amazon, which allowed its users to post product reviews allowing others to read.

Blogs are another example of Web 2.0. The ability for visitors and site owners to interact through user comments and site owner responses have enhance the experience for both. Users have gained more influence over the site content.

Now we have video sites such as YouTube allowing users to upload their own videos for the entire internet to see and even rate. From there the list grows with other ‘user oriented’ sites such as Technorati, Digg, or Flikr. The emergence of social networking sites like MySpace, FaceBook, or Tweeter, to name a few, have helped accelerate the growth and popularity of interactive online sites.

Now how does all this relate to search engine optimization or for that matter how could it enhance SEO efforts for online marketers?

First you must consider how web 2.0 can be used to generate traffic for any online business.

Traditionally article submissions have been considered a great way to gain back links to your website benefiting your search engine rankings while also generating traffic for you. This process typically takes weeks or longer. On the other hand if you were to post this article on a web 2.0 site such as Digg and it was popular enough to appear on the main page you could conceivably receive tens or hundreds of thousands of visitors within the day. Additionally you would also have such a highly ranked site like Digg now linked to your site giving your search engine rankings a boost.

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