Close Sliding Doors Systems

Close Sliding Doors systems are used everywhere on the planet in almost every application from commercial to industrial to residential. Whether you are aware of it or not, you probably come in contact with some sort of sliding door system on a daily basis. In this article we’ll review several different kinds of sliding door systems. Because of the broadness of the topic, this article may serve as merely an introduction with several follow-up articles in store.

Sliding doors are everywhere, in every part of our life. If you’ve been to the grocery store recently, then it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve encountered one just recently. How about at home? Do you have shower doors that roll? Is there a sliding glass door somewhere in the back patio or balcony of your home? Even trains with their passenger cabins use doors that slide back and forth.

In industrial and business settings, these systems can found. Large warehouses will often implement some type of track system for large warehouse doors. Airplane hangar doors roll back and forth into the open and closed position. Industrial shops and even storage facilities with large doors may have similar set-ups.

Grocery stores are a very common place for sliding door systems. Every time you enter or exit the store, you come in contact with one of these.

At home, many people have a sliding glass door or a sliding screen door somewhere in their house. Even still, many more have shower doors that slide. Some have pocket doors that close doorways from kitchens to dinning rooms and hallways to offices.

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