Curso De Milagros Review

I recently purchased Curso De Milagros by Chris Mcneeny, after all the messages I received about it I had to read it for myself and decide whether it’s good or not. For those of you who don’t know what is AdWords miracle here is a short resume.

A word about the author: Chris Mcneeny is a very successful internet marketer; most of his money was made using Google adwords.

AdWords miracle is a course to help you master Google AdWords and pay per click in general. Having read all the other ebooks Chris has written I had to read this one too to see if it was as good as the other ones.

I have read many ebooks on the subject, very good ones and very bad ones. To my knowledge AdWords Miracle is one of the easiest to understand, I actually learn quite a lot about adwords. I understood what mistakes I was doing and was able to turn bad campaigns into successful ones just with the knowledge I got from this book. Here is a sample of what you will learn with this eBook:

Basic of adwords: First AdWords Miracle explains, for the newbie, how does Google AdWords works, how to setup an account, the full break down all the elements of your account and what you should focus on before setting up any campaign. AdWords Miracle also show you how to setup the setting in your AdWords account preventing you from costly mistakes.

Writing Ads: I have read many book on the subject but I must be real honest here, the techniques I have learn in AdWords miracle are brilliant and yet so simple. After reading it I was wondering why in the hell I never thought about doing this, it was right in my face all along. With this technique alone you can easily transform a bad click through rate into a good one.

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