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If you are considering purchasing a Video Conferencing Room System for your business, you may find yourself facing a decision. It is between an ISDN systems or an IP based system. Each if these different types of video conferencing systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. And deciding on the one that will best meet your company’s needs isn’t always easy to do. It helps you decide whether ISDN or IP is best for your Video Conferencing System. You have to take a moment to consider the following pros and cons of each. So that you can make up your own mind on which is right for you and your business interests.

How ISDN Works?

ISDN, which stands for Integrated Services Digital Network, is a telephone-based networking system. It allows video and audio signals to be transferred over a standard copper telephone line. An ISDN-based Video Conferencing system allows users to send two or more types of data. Such as audio, video, text, or fax transmissions simultaneously through a standard telephone connection in a digital format.

How IP Works?

IP, which stands for Internet Protocol, is a more recent technology. It allows access to the internet and the transmission of multiple types of data in a packet-switching network. This means that data is sent in small bundles back and forth between users. With each user’s computer system reassembling the packets as they are received. An IP-based Video Conferencing Kenya System requires an internet connection, but can generally offer better rate of video and audio transmission. It is as well as additional data types which can be transmitted. Though IP transmission may be faster, it is not always a more reliable method of transfer.

It is possible for errors to occur in packet transmission, which can result in corrupted data or interruptions in transmission itself. This generally only results in a temporary problem with video conferencing systems, of course. Since it is a continuous transmission, any interruption that occurs with packets sent via IP will generally corrected. It is as the next packets of data arrive to replace the ones that caused the problem.

Choosing the Right System:

To make sure that you choose the video conferencing system that’s best for your company. It is consider whether you would better served by the reliability and access of an ISDN connection. If you instead would prefer the speed, clarity, and features which are offer by an IP-based system then make sure that you take into account. Any additional equipment that you might need with each option, as well as how easy or difficult it would be to use each system. It is with your current telephone or internet connections. With the weighing your company’s needs and your existing infrastructure against the features and drawbacks of each type of connection, you should be able to determine which solution would be best for your company’s needs.

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