How To Make Your Marketing Blog Cost Effective And Money Making?

Cost Effective Ways to Get Massive Traffic to Your Marketing Blog. With a marketing blog, it’s mandatory to dominate the search engines with your target market niche. Personally, we get all my traffic from, so I’d like to pass along to you some of our personal strategies. Of course, your first step is to determine your target market. That is, what audience would you propose to market your product to? You couldn’t even give away the best filet steak to a vegetarian! Likewise, if you have health and well products, you’ll probably want to market to health nuts rather than junk food junkies. The way you do that is with your keyword phrase.

Pick the right keyword phrase for your marketing blog:

We like to use the Google keyword search tool which is free at After you determine your target market, you’ll have a phrase in mind that you think people might be searching for. But if no one is actually searching for that phrase, it’s only a waste of time to start creating your blog. Therefore, begin with keyword research, find your phrase, and then begin to build your marketing blog post around that phrase. You should put the phrase in the title, the first sentence, last sentence, and in each of your headings.

Back-linking strategies for your niche marketing blog:

Google will rank your blog post based on your keyword phrase being relevant to the subject matter. And it must also be popular. If lots of people read your blog post and “like” it, pass it to their friends and so on. It will rise up the Google ladder in the search engines. But how do you get anyone to even look at it to begin with? Back-linking means that there are other sites that link to yours, thus telling Google that your site is popular site. You’ll want as many other sites as you can get to link to yours. It is a way of “liking” your site in Google’s eyes. Once you have relevancy down pat with your keyword phase, and popularity with your back-links. You’re on your way to the top of Google!

Getting The Traffic:

That has a static website, an individual has search for you specifically. With your own online marketing blog you could rank on the first page of Google depending on your keywords. Thus generating more traffic on the search engines who will in turn visit your website. These are simply a few of the advantages to running your own online marketing blog. There are much more. Start experiencing and enjoying the benefits today!

What makes a good marketing blog?

A good marketing blog can consistently generate traffic and redirect hits to business pages. Blog that contains interesting, helpful and fresh content can capture many internet users to continuously visit website for information. A good blog can satisfy the needs of internet users looking for specific articles on specific niches. A good blog also has the ability to convert internet users into consumers of products and services. These blogs will last for a long time because they contain good quality content. They have loyal audiences to their articles because they love reading the content. Content that has value are able to attract audiences to the blog and encourage them to click on the links. A very good marketing blog has end goal of encouraging audiences to make their purchases with consumer’s interest placed first.

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