How To Sell A Boat and Make Sure You Get the Best Price

1. Know Your Market Price. Knowing the approximate market price for your boat is a must, not only are you competing against other How To Sell A Boat, you are also competing against the new boat market as well. A competitive price will attract a lot more prospective buyers.

2. How To Sell. More and more buyers are using the internet and websites to search for boats. And why not, with a simple mouse click they can search hundreds of boats within minutes. Whether advertising online or in the newspaper a picture is more likely to attract 3 x the interest. Your photos should include a side view, front view, rear view with engine, helm and internal seating areas if the boat.

3. Selling Points. When placing an ad or showing a potential buyer always point out the features of the boat. For example, new engine, full service history, after market add-ons such as stereo, BBQ, navigation gear, safety equipment etc.

4. Making Contact. A lot more people these days are depending on email to ask questions to sellers. Take a look at eBay the most successful online auction company in the world runs there entire selling process via email or online messaging system. Your contact details should at least include an email, phone, mobile and if you like an address.

5. Consider a Broker. If you are not prepared to be available after work and on weekends to show your boat to interested buys being overly judgmental while going through your boat, then a broker may be a good option for you. Most brokers charge between 10% and 15% of the sale price.

6. Clean boats sell. This remark is true, the cleaner the boat the higher chance it has of selling. Before taking any photos clean the vessel inside and out.

7. Get a Survey. This could save you a lot of heartache later. A survey determines if the boat is in good working condition. It allows you to not only see what needs to be fixed, but if your boat will sell in the first place. If the survey report is bad then at least you not what your options are. Surveyors usually charge by the foot.

8. The Waiting Game. Every boater believes that their boat will sell in the first week. This rarely happens. Most boats will sell in between 3-6 months after listing. Be patient!

9. Be willing to negotiate. Everyone loves a deal. Being flexible in your price will pay off. You should try to work with any buyers who show interest in any way necessary to make sure the deal goes ahead.

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