Keep Your Solar Panels Clean With Solar Panel Cleaning Brush

Solar Panel Cleaning Brush: The energy output solar panels generate can greatly benefit any household or business. If you are tired of paying exorbitant rates for the energy you use, this is likely one of the best options available to you. If you are going to buy solar panels though, you should remember to keep your panels clean at all times.

The question often arises “What percentage of electricity do dirty solar panels lose. When the panels are dirty there is a considerable drop in energy output. Some panels have experienced as much as 50% drops in power output due to excessive dirt and grime buildup. If you want to avoid these drops in power output, you should definitely keep your panels as clean as possible. These tips will help you with your task too.

Tip 1- Have your panels installed at an angle. Panels that are install at an angle often face far less dirt and grime build up compare to panels that are place at a level angle. Just by placing your panels at an angle when you have them installed, you can double your systems energy output. Also, by taking this simple step, you can decrease the amount of maintenance your unit requires as well.

Tip 2- Have a company come out to your home or business on a regular basis to have your system cleaned. There are companies that specialize in this process. By having a company come out to your home on a regular basis to have your system clean. You can be certain that your energy production levels are always as high as they can be year round. Also, by having a cleaning company scheduled to visit your home automatically, you will never forget to clean your panels too.

Tip 3- Look into automated cleaning devices. There are new products coming to the market today that are design to automatically clean solar panels. These products can be great, because they take away the risks that are inherent in the process of having employees clean your system. Also, these products completely remove the hassle of having to worry about keeping your panels clean year round too.

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