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Affiliate advertising is a great way to make Free Money online and so is Ad but the question is what makes people click on ads? How do you make money from Ad or affiliate ads? First and most obvious is your site or blog has to be seen and get traffic or no one has a chance to view your ads. To find out more about traffic, view my archived blog articles and let’s investigate the motivations for people to click the ads once they are at your site or blog. First your audience must be interested in the subject of your ads. You must know your audience. If your site is about computers, it is unlikely your ad for health supplements will get many clicks. If you gear your ads to things that might interest your audience you will likely get clicks.

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The layout of your ads is also keys. Ads that are placed above content and in the middle of content are more likely to attract attention than side ads. While reading articles, a nicely placed mid content ad may catch the attention of your reader. They are already reading and it is natural to continue reading the ad. Luckily, if you use Ad ads, they will automatically be gear to the content of your site. If you are an affiliate, you have to be much choosy. People vary on color and flashy ads creating interest. If an ad is too flashy, has movement and “shouts” at your audience, you may end up just annoying them. One site I happened by had filled the whole page with bright, flashy ads. My eyes hurt just trying to find a place to look on the page.

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If it would get your interest and not annoy you, chances are your audience would approve. Placing word ads within text has also had great success. These ads flow with the rest of your article and content and require little effort for your reader to click on. This is also a good way to encourage your reader to find on topic services or material that they are looking for. Of course, it got my attention but it didn’t get my clicks. I never visited that page again. So put yourself in your audience’s seat when you choose your ads. Earning money with affiliate programs is probably the best way how to profit from ads even though most visitors use adsitalsolution. Affiliate programs can be promote using normal link. Even though many merchants offer a lot of creative the best conversion rates are achieve.

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