Owning a Irancharter Business is Easier than You Think

Have you ever had the desire to captain your own Irancharter yacht in the Caribbean while earning charter revenue? Being the Captain of your own charter yacht is a fun and easy way to finance a relaxing lifestyle while having the time of your life in the Caribbean. There are a number of charter business opportunities available in the market, ranging from “fully-managed” yachts (typically bareboats) to completely hands on “owner-operator”. Buying a yacht with an established charter history and existing bookings is a great value for a quick start business plan and is easier than you think.

Below you’ll find a selection of 38ft-70ft charter vessels for sale that can facilitate owning and enjoying a charter business in your ideal location. If you let me know some of your objectives, with my 14 years experience in the charter industry, I can help direct you to a yacht that will be a perfect fit and can help advise you on every aspect of your charter business plans.
There are also unique tax benefits to chartering your yacht. Our recreational tax advisor can work with you and your accountant to best structure your tax strategy.

Yes, it is very simple to purchase a yacht that is either managed in a charter fleet. Or a yacht that includes a charter business with bookings and marketing already in place.

Buying an existing charter yacht that already has a good reputation in the charter market with existing booking information online and marketing and sales material is an excellent value.


Living life the way you want is priceless. But really, how much is it going to cost? Earned income depends on the type of chartering you choose:

In bareboat (fully managed without full-time crew) – the boat income will cover its basic operating expenses and typically give the owner a contribution of income that will cover a principal and interest payment, generally assuming a 25% down and 7% financing over a 20year term.

With Crewed – the boat income will typically cover the majority of operating expenses, including crew’s salaries + insurance. But will provide minimal additional income for covering the financing expenses.

There are also added TAX BENEFITS to chartering your yacht.

The real value is your own enjoyment – sailing your own yacht in beautiful, pristine surroundings, cruising the waters of your choice.

Bareboat Charter

Bareboat charters are usually based out of one location and are a hands-off charter management option for the owners. The charter company handles bookings, marketing and maintenance. All the owners need to do is enjoy sailing their yacht and cashing their income checks!

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