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This article continues Best ACIM Podcast Website the discussion of forgiveness to destroy which is the ego’s version of judgmental correction as forgiveness. In the ego version, it is all about using “nice” and “necessary” forgiveness as a kindness by seeing any and all error in yourself and a brother. You get these errors corrected (judged) as they’re sins from the perceived (judged) separation from God. That’s what makes it “necessary” and “nice” forgiveness. It is supposed to be part of your salvation from sin which is considered “kind” by the ego.

Necessary, nice, need, lack and fake kindness are the errors seen and used in fulfillment of forgiveness to destroy. They choose everything but Love. Like the first aspect where the ego right mind says, “I’m better than you,” all of forgiveness to destroy is totally based in seeing and judging any error. Remember that judgment is to make a decision and come to a conclusion; and so using the ego judgment to forgive produces judgmental results which destroy. It is considered destruction because the projected judgments “destroy” (hide) perception of who you and your brother really are (Love).

All judgments, including those of the ego right mind, must be relinquished for true correction of the mind (forgiveness). ACIM does not compromise that Love is the Truth and that no error has occurred. If no error has occurred, then no one has done anything and so there is nothing to judge. We have all simply listened to the ego and can stop doing so at any time.

I’m The Same As You

In ACIM, this aspect is still very heavy in separation even though it claims to be the same as another. Ego does not mean Sameness (Love). What the ego actually means is sameness in error.

Criteria: The ego’s thinking is that you are having the same experience as another even though slightly different in time and space. Seeing the same errors from experience, and for the sake of being “kind” you will forgive wrong-doer(s) because that’s just how things are in this world and it’s “necessary” to forgive to move on.

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