What’s the Best Soundbars for Me?

So what exactly is ‘The Best Soundbars‘ for you? Well, just like lots of things in everyday life the reply is ‘it depends’. The simple answer is ‘the one which actually does what you require it to do and you may afford’. To figure exactly what this means keep reading!

What are you wanting it for?
Keep in mind exactly what your ultimately want the Soundbar for. Will it be just to supply your flat screen Television set superior sound or do you need to imitate that rich surround sound experience? Perhaps you also have an Xbox 360 or gaming system that needs a bit more ‘wow factor’? These ideas will determine whether you will be happy having a straightforward entry level unit or a top of the range system with numerous connection possibilities.

What’s your budget?
Soundbars cover anything from around £50 ($82) right up to £1400 ($2,300). More money will normally bring more features, volume and connectivity options. (If you want lots of HDMI ports you will be looking at the upper end of the budget for example)

What do I wish to hook up?
Make a list of anything you wish to connect and find out whether it’s possible – common demands are Xbox, Blu-Ray, MP3 Player,Wireless bluetooth and of course Television set.

Be sure the room where you will be be adding the Soundbar into is suitable.
You need walls that will reflect sound readily. (Some wall coverings can lead to acoustic damping.) Ensure you don’t have pieces of furniture which could obstruct the sounds route. Check that the Soundbar you are interested in will either fit on your Television set rack or can be easily wall mounted.

How can I connect?
Of the majority of entry to mid-range Soundbars you may attach all your various gadgets (Wii, Xbox and so forth) to the Television set and then the audio out from the TV to the Soundbar. With a few top of the range Soundbars you’ll be able to connect everything directly.

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