3 Days Tour From Marrakech To Merzouga From Your Villa in Marrakesh

3 Days Tour From Marrakech To Merzouga: Those visiting Morocco will find that this country is not only rich thanks to its long history and its great civilization, but also because of the natural spaces it offers. These beautiful spaces are stunning, and the country’s natural diversity is seldom found in any other country. Southern Morocco is a particularly wonderful region to discover the beauty of the desert, with its manifold faces.

So, in the present article I will shed some light on the life in the Moroccan desert, as well as the tourist attractions and places of interest that are offered to visitors in this region.

Life in the Moroccan desert may seem simple and difficult, but it is very expressive, mostly because it shows that the Sahrawi people always insist on expressing their strong attachment to all their tradition and customs. This attachment can be seen in many aspects, such as their clothes (the “malhfa” a sort of veil or cloak for women that covers the entire body, or the “deraa”, which is a dress for men), their music (especially the “hassany” music), their food (like the “azzrig”, a drink consisting of flour, water and sugar and drunk in the summer, or the “maro”, a special Sahrawi bread made with meat and rice and prepared in the sand) and drinks, like the special Sahrawi tea.

There are many Morocco Private Tours attractions awaiting your visit 3 Days Tour From Marrakech To Merzouga, as well as many activities that are offered for you to make the most of your holidays. First of all, you can visit M’hamid El Ghizlan, located 45 miles from Zagora, where you can attend the fascinating festivals “Taragalte, Sahara and Culture” and “International Nomads Festival” and immerse yourself in the local musical and cultural heritage of the region. Then you can enjoy a magical trip to Merzouga, near to Errachidia, at the very gates of the desert. You can also visit many other places and cities, such as Dakhla, Lâayoune, Goulmim, where you will get a great chance to practice rare and exciting activities such as camel riding.

We can say that the Moroccan desert is a magical space that clearly expresses their people’s attachment life in spite of its many difficulties. If you want to get a wonderful opportunity to get the experience of living in tents and exploring the sand seas, you are more than welcome to come to Morocco, a fascinating destination offering a perfect trip to discover its desert and to get to know the local people, who always welcome visitors regardless of their nationality and cultural background. So, in order for you to have unforgettable holiday in an atmosphere full of harmony, peace and tolerance, contact your travel agency!

If you want to visit the Moroccan desert and enjoy its stunning natural beauty and its cultural diversity, your best choice is to stay in a villa in Marrakesh, a stunning and impressive city quite close to Essaouira and extremely well connected.

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