How are image clipping paths used for e-commerce?

What is a clipping path or rather have you ever tried to use a clipping path to enhance your image? Clipping path is mostly used to enhance the quality of an image by making it look sharp and perfect to draw attention. For instance, the e-commerce industry, professional photographers, garment industry, and web page optimization use clipping paths to remove flaws and add effects on the image to make it look realistic and enticing before releasing it to the public.

In other words, the clipping path is the method used to shape a 2D image that utilizes the Adobe Photoshop pen tool. With the Photoshop pen tool, you can cut and resize images and remove, transfer and replace their background. But, it would be significant to understand how the image clipping path is used in e-commerce.

How are image Clipping Path used for Ecommerce

If you own an e-commerce platform the quality of the image you upload is an essential factor that captivates the attention of your audience. Therefore, bringing out the sharp details and dimensions of your product is the key insight to captivate your audience’s attention by using clipping path service. Below are the major reasons why e-commerce use clipping path to enhance the quality of the image;

• Color Correction

The light and contrast effect determines the quality of the image as it interferes with the accuracy and the color of the real image. Instead of wasting time capturing an image with accuracy or throwing away the image, just call in a clipping path service to help fix the accuracy and color of the image.

With clipping path service they use a color technique is famously known as the multi-clipping path. The multi-clipping path corrects the color of the image by adding finely touched colors with accuracy and applying other editing skills. As matter of fact, your cognitive abilities respond faster to images with accurate bright colors thereby enhancing their beauty and reality.

• Image Masking

Image masking is the manipulation of the image by erasing and replacing the backdrop and concealing and revealing portions of the image. Nonetheless, it includes color masking as well as altering the texture of the image through adding or removing color layers.

Image masking is meant to change the looks that need demonstration and to give a new look. Image masking is a non-destructive process that fine-tunes the image to your needs and makes it sufficient and visible provided the methods used are more fluent to produce the expected output. There are different methods of image masking, they include; layer masking, Clipping mask, and alpha channel masking.

• Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin is commonly used by the garment industry to correct mistakes in the garment image to give it a 3D hollow effect. It is particularly important for displaying things like blazers, jeans, jackets, and shirts to help customers more easily imagine themselves wearing the garments.

Ghost mannequin works by allowing you to take multiple photographs of the product on a model {mannequin} and then in post-production, the mannequin is removed to combine the photos to make the image look focused.

• Retouching and Restoration service

Retouching an image is the process of adjusting and restoring characters in the image to make it look more attractive. With clipping path service, your photo can be made very beautiful, bright, and full of life by separating the background and the photo object and applying different level edits.

• Background Removal

The background of your or the product image is vital as it conveys lots of information that can either impact it negatively or positively. In the presence of ugly or too much background detail e-commerce industry call in clipping path service to take care of it to make it unique.

Nonetheless, the need for background removal is to also allow you to reuse the image for different purposes. Hence why they remove the background to regenerate a new and appealing background that will align well with the organization’s needs, theme, mission, and vision.


The satisfaction of your client is key to the successful growth of any e-commerce platform through delivering the quality of their demand. Therefore, it is advisable to employ a clipping path service to remove mistakes, restore and enhance the quality of your product.

However, the editor should be careful not to exaggerate the contrast of the image to conflict with your client. That’s because they can perceive or conclude they have received a different product from what they initially purchased.

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