5 Innovative Customized Outdoor Signs to Advertise Your Business

There are many options available today to advertise your business but nothing is as effective as publicizing through outdoor signs. It may seem like a conventional form of advertising in the world of technological advancement where website ads, pop-up ads, social media ads or email marketing is prevalent. What is escaping your mind is that customers are still quite easily moved by innovative customized outdoor signs and we have put together a few ideas for you to promote your business.

Yard Signs

These are also known as CoroPlast Signs and can withstand for a long period of time. They are light in weight, which makes it easy for you to carry them and are made using durable corrugated plastic material. These signs are a cost-effective way for you to advertise your business. By availing custom sign printing you can use artwork that is relevant to your business to provide a personalized look. These can be displayed on windows, doors, walls, any exterior or interior surface.

A-Frame Sidewalk Sings

These signs are commonly seen in front of retail stores and can be placed anywhere you deem suitable. The sidewalk signs are perfect for event marketing or sales promotion and can be customized according to your wish. Generally, the frame comes in the dimension of 24” X 24” and the outside dimension of 26” X 32.3”. These signs are lightweight, roughly 7lb, and have the unique feature of changing the signs in seconds. If you want to go for sign printing online services, you can easily get a personalized look with your design.

Clear Window Decals

These advertising signs can be displayed on any glass surface like glass windows, glass doors or vehicle windows. The custom sign printing services will provide you with clear stickers that can be color printed entirely and the size varies from 12” X 16” to the customizable dimension of 94” X 46”. The rectangle cut is most commonly used but if you avail the contour cut, you can get them in any shape of your liking. The printing options available are sticky on back that can placed or removed from any flat surface and sticky on front which need to be placed on glass surfaces like windows and doors.

Shaker Board Arrow Signs

These are probably one of the most lightweight, durable and innovative advertising signs. You can get them printed on one or both sides at the online printing services and these can be placed literally anywhere, especially in the places with restriction on advertising signs. The shaker board arrow signs are the most effective way of attracting new customers, simply place it on the sidewalk of your store and be amazed by the wave of customers that come in.

Backlit Signs

The backlit illumination film is the most eye-catchy advertising method and are great for pop displays, window graphics or billboards. These come with the most amazing feature of lights-On and lights-Off which enables you to advertise your business or store day and night. The most commonly used size dimension for backlit signs are 16” X 10”. The matte finish of the translucent polyester results in high quality graphics. If you choose to do the sign printing online then you can easily upload the kind of artwork or graphics that you want to be displayed on the backlit signboard.

Opting for online printing is always a good choice but you must be careful to read the reviews before you place your order. We hope that these innovative outdoor advertising ideas help you promote your business in the best possible manner.

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