8 Tips That You Need to Do Before Begin Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the future of finance as we all know, so I want to share my successful crowdfunding campaign tips with you. Launching a crowdfunding campaign can be exciting. The promise of moneymaking,  making many people interested in utilizing this method of boosting capital.

We live in a society where everyone is inspired to take risks and want to do the experiment more, which results in thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs posting their projects on crowdfunding platform daily or every day. Unfortunately, many aspiring entrepreneurs do not even pass the application stage of it, let alone the approval and publishing stage.

I want to share my crowdfunding experience with you guys. I follow these eight tips to make my campaign successful, and these tips will also help you too.


 How to Prepare for Your Crowdfunding Campaign:

Whether you love it or not but crowdfunding wants lots of your concentration and time. You will regularly need to be around your product and project. If you have a full-time job and you are planning to do this project as a side gig, you will necessitate having excellent time management skills, and you need to learn to work smarter, not tougher. From designing a prototype to delivering your product to every backer’s doorstep, you will be on your toes at every step. Successful crowdfunding campaigns will take lots of time in the making. For making successful crowdfunding, you require proper planning, reliable marketing, and excellent service and execution.


Check what type of crowdfunding is right for your project:

While crowdfunding can be a fantastic tool to raise financing for your startup or project, it is not right for everyone. Here are questions to ask yourself to see if crowdfunding is right for you.


Know which type of crowdfunding is right for you:

While we are used to discussing crowdfunding as a singular industry, there are four different types of crowdfunding, and each comes with its particular flavor of pros and cons. While they are not mutually exclusive (you could both run a Kickstarter campaign and borrow money online via another crowdfunding platform), it makes the most sense to focus on just one type of crowdfunding.


Build an eye catchy crowdfunding video:

Most of the crowdfunding experts agree that video is the most crucial asset of any successful crowdfunding campaign. Useful crowdfunding videos explain to your backers what your crowdfunding campaign is all about and whythe backers should participate in it. The best videos do that by building an emotional pull.


Take a suitable title for your crowdfunding campaign:

Choose a good title because it attracts backers. Backers are going to see your campaign title of your crowdfunding campaign. It is what hooks them in and convinces them to continue reading on.

You never know that your campaign page is the latest marketing tool that will earn support or backing from the crowd. Your campaign page must be compelling and respond most of the obvious questions about the project. Your images and video should be appealing. Also, create rewards that represent the real value of what you are asking for. Never forget to include your team and talk about the skills and expertise of each member.


Plan your crowdfunding marketing budget:

Above discussed earlier in this article, very few crowdfunding campaigns level-up in the millions of dollars by just getting lucky. Most of the successful crowdfunding campaigns were especially well-orchestrated and required spending on a specific task.


Be ready to invest your funds into your crowdfunding project:

There is always a very good probability that you could use up all your funds halfway to fulfillment. Always prepared to have sufficient savings to cover potential shortages to ensure the success of your campaign.


Plan your Funds:

Before doing crowdfunding, you have to keep the backup of the funds. There are so many websites that help you to promote your IndieGoGo campaign at very affordable rates. Like Backerkit, backers club, GadgetAny and many more.

I prefer GadgetAny they provide great services like:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Boost Sales

I have used gagdetany services for our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The service offered is good. We have raised $2300 approx from them. We have chosen $499 package in which they provide the guarantee. Most sales we got from there facebook. But I think it totally depends on the product. I think you should try Gadgetany services. It worked well for us; maybe it will work for you as well. There are so many other websites that also provide great services. You can go for them too.


 Launching campaigns on the right platform is very basic:

Do an in-depth analysis of all the possible choices you have with each crowdfunding platform. You could apply to generalists like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Find out, if there are comparable projects within your industry that are posted on your platform of choice because if there are sufficient backers and repeat supporters, this can help you decide if your idea has a chance. No matter which type platform you choose, always make sure you are still aware of the rules of the crowdfunding platform, as not following them will lead to your application getting rejected. Do not get disqualified before you even start.


Follow these successful crowdfunding tips, and you will surely get your crowdfunding campaign successful. Happy crowdfunding.

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