A Course In Miracles That Changed the World by Cleon Skousen

Religion and morality are two components of society that don’t appear much nowadays. The age gap between generations becomes larger and what we are left with is a memory of how this was and how this should be but it now isn’t. The 5000 Year Leap – A Course In Miracles that Changed the World by Cleo Skousen talks about America in the light of the September 11 attacks and how this was a call to hit that pause button on Life’s remote controller.

I remember how the 9-11 attack affected my cousin. She was scared out of her wits and couldn’t comprehend how that could’ve happened. I felt the same way-that I wouldn’t deny-but there was something different about the way she reacted, the way little things made her jumpy and nervous all the time, that made me think about how different things have been. She hated the fact that I had a Muslim friend-one she was also close to before the tragedy of 9-11-and gone so far as to avoid hanging out with me. We had drifted apart and it saddened me how that event had changed all of our lives and had made us all fearful of everything that wasn’t like us.

The 5000 Year Leap was one of the books I bought for her in order to make her see that there was more to what we all witnessed that day. America has become focused on the material world, on how technology just made our lives easier for all of us. This same technology that was supposed to help us was now one of the reasons why destruction was possible. Could it be that the earlier generation had it better? Perhaps. They were more focused on relationships, on how to make America a better place. In the book, Skousen quotes a part of George Washington’s speech. Washington said that religion and morality were the pillars of the government, both of which-I believe-were lost in today’s youth and government.

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