The Kitchen Essentials For A New Home

Kitchen Essentials: Are you all set to move into your new home? Often times, a lot of new homeowners (or newlyweds to be more specific) are so excited to move into their new home; and because of too much excitement, they forget some little things which actually turn out to be important too. Like for example the kitchen, you surely haven’t forgotten to have your Keurig B70or Senseo Supreme 7832but most of the time people forget to get containers for sugar and the creamer, and perhaps a coaster for your cups.

Surely you wouldn’t want to find yourself saying “Oh my! I totally forgot!”. It will be such a bummer if you find yourself maybe missing a pot holder when you’re already in the middle of cooking your first meal in your new home. To avoid getting into these situations or committing these “bloopers”, here’s a brief checklist of the kitchen essentials you need to have for your new home:

1. Pots and Pans

You should definitely include pots and pans in your list. Make sure to have a frying pan and at least 2 or 3 pots of different sizes.

2. Cooking Essentials

Ensure that you have all the cooking essentials – pot holders, kitchen tongs, laddle, spatula, etc.

3. Cutlery

It’s a good idea to get yourself one of those sets of knives that’s literally complete from a butcher’s knife to a butterfly and a paring knife. While you’re out looking for cutlery, you should also get a can opener, a peeler, and a pair of kitchen scissors.

4. Porcelain and Silverware

You definitely need your serving dishes, plates and saucers, glasses and cups. Add a pitcher too. Of course, you likewise need silverware with it. It’s ideal to have at least a dozen of each kind since you will never know when you might have guests in your home.

5. Basic Appliances

Apart from your stove and fridge, you need to be equipped with the basic appliances. The basics ought to include a toaster (or oven toaster), microwave oven, and other things like an electric kettle, blender, dishwasher, a handheld mixer, and so on.

6. Kitchen Organizers

An organized kitchen is naturally ideal. Equip yourself with things that will get all the items organized. Get appropriate containers or storage areas for condiments like sugar, cream, salt, pepper, your silverware, pots and pans, etc.

7. Cleaning Items

Always be clean as you go. Obviously, you need the right cleaning supplies for this. Always have hand soap, dishwashing detergent and a dishwashing sponge on your sink. Have towels or rags readily available too. To ensure you really clean things, always finish up with a disinfectant.

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