All You Need to Know about Continuous Computer

Office supplies and paper stationery are an integral part of every business administration regardless of the industry. Therefore, the use of continuous computer paper can be regularly found in the office, bringing with itself several benefits that add to its cost-efficient nature. In fact, this type of paper stationery and the other forms made from carbonless paper have its past and development during the years to finally become the form we know today. Here is all the general information about it.

Continuous Computer Paper


It can be stated that continuous computer paper was first used in 1910 when it was developed for use with autographic registers. Later, in the 1920s, it was used with tabulating machines and its popularity significantly increased when the commercial computers were introduced in the 1950s. During the next few decades, it developed even more and in the 1980s it was used with dot-matrix printers. In the mid-1990s it had its peak and it was clear that this product can stand the time.


Today, used in dot matrix printers, the continuous computer paper has sprocket holes on the side of the paper which are used to feed through the tractor feed rollers in the printer. You can tear away the sprocket holes with the help of the perforations on each side of the paper.

Other Names and Dimensions

You can find continuous computer paper under several other names such as dot matrix computer paper, continuous forms, listing paper, fanfold paper, sprocket-feed paper, burst paper, tractor-feed paper and pin-feed paper.

The continuous computer paper can be found with different sizes but the most commonly used are the 11×9.5 inch (279×241), 11×15 inch(279×381), and True A4 (210 x297 tears out). You can find these sizes in plain white, light blue, light yellow, light green and light pink.

Furthermore, it can be one part or multi-part consisting of 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply. The 1 ply continuous computer paper is usually 70gsm (grams per square meter) whereas the multipart ones are around 55-60gsm.

Carbonless Copy Paper

It is good to know that the multipart continuous paper is also called Carbonless Computer Copy paper or, simply, NCR Computer Paper (NCR= No carbon Required). You can easily print on this type of paper and after the printing process is finished, all the parts stay together so if you need to write on them, you can easily do it as everything that is written transfers to all copies.

Common Uses

There are lot s of uses of the continuous computer paper across the industries. Thus, it can be used as invoices, statements, medical forms, weighbridge paper, packing slips, real estate trust account receipts, passenger manifest paper, pay advice envelopes, remittance advices, temperature control cheque, consignment notes, cheques and report printing.


Since its invention, the continuous computer paper has been used, developed and today is an inevitable part of every office. Its cost-efficiency and the fact that enables a facilitated printing process just support the claim that it is here to stay.  In fact, it wouldn’t even be so popular if it weren’t for the carbonless copy paper.

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