If you are a trader and work with Bitcoins, trying to make money on daily changes in the course, this article is not for you. If you think that gold and silver are the only “real” goods worth investing in, you can also pass by. If you feel that a “strong” US dollar will always be a “global reserve currency” – close the tab; I do not want to disappoint you. 

This article is written for real enthusiasts – for those who “live in bitcoin”. For the one who gets paid in bitcoins, who knows the location of all bitcoin ATMs in his city. For the one who knows that Bitcoin is a truly special phenomenon,and for one who knows what will be the next big cryptocurrency?

You heard about Bitcoin a couple of years ago and said to yourself: “Wow, this thing will change the world!” You either already own a Bitcoin business, or are thinking about creating such. You think Bitcoin is the “future of money”. You are upset that the price of Bitcoin has dropped significantly – from US$ 4241.71 at the end of Nov 2018 – and nine months later the price is US$ 5151.43.


So, what is a good low Bitcoin price?

Reason 1. Missed opportunity.

Now is probably your last chance to get rich with Bitcoin. Many rich people made a fortune by seeing a drop below the expected price and buying cheaply, and selling when the price of an asset rises. Poor people buy at a high price, and when the price falls, they start to panic and sell at a low price. Therefore, they remain poor. This is the law of life!


This is the most obvious reason. Buying something that cost nearly $ 1,200, for only $ 250, is a good investment. The only case where you should not do so – if you are confident in the death of Bitcoin, which will lead to a drop in its value to zero.


Bitcoin was poured a lot of dirt, mainly from popular media lobbying for the private interests of a certain group of people. When you see bananas in the store at a 30% discount, you are not afraid to buy them because of the price reduction. So why avoid buying bitcoins due to the fact that they are cheaper?


The rich buy only at a reduced price. They know how to catch the right moment. Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures – the same Fred Wilson

who invested in Twitter, Zynga, Tumblr and Coinbase when they were just concepts – told Wall Street Journal in an interview that he always buys bitcoins when their price drops.


He sees the future of Bitcoin, the value embedded in it. Therefore, treat Bitcoin as a gift voucher for your favorite store. Or as a super-successful venture in which you can invest on the eve of take-off! If bitcoin already cost $ 3000 apiece, it would be much more difficult for him to gain popularity in the market. Today, more and more people can afford to buy Bitcoins, so take advantage of this opportunity!


Reason 2. The price of Bitcoin is falling now because the dollar is growing.


The fact is that Bitcoin is going in the right direction. More and more large retailers are starting to accept it. More and more large media are talking about it, and the number of negative publications has significantly decreased. The number of Bitcoin users is growing in many countries, not only in the United States and China. And in the Bitcoin ecosystem, every day all the best wallets appear, more and more reliable exchanges, new debit cards, innovative trading technologies. So what’s the problem?


And the problem is the US dollar. The fact is that the price of the dollar in relation to other currencies is steadily increasing. It sounds great, but as is the case with the US Consumer Price Index, it is worth looking into this gift horse in the mouth.


The US dollar index is not close to the Chinese yuan, whose index is almost doubled. The fact that other currencies (such as the euro or the Russian ruble) fall faster than the dollar does not mean that the dollar is a strong currency. For a strong dollar, you can buy more bitcoins than for a

weak dollar. But let’s look at the success of the dollar since Bitcoin entered the market in 2009. Perhaps you will see something resembling an economic bubble? Or at least an anomaly, if not a trend.


Each currency can have good quarters, but according to the US government (US Department of Labor), inflation over two years (from the beginning of 2012 to the end of 2013) was less than 2%. Can anyone really take this figure seriously?


January 3, 2009, the day Bitcoin was created, gasoline in the United States cost $ 1.61 dollars, and now its price is twice as high. Beef prices have risen by 79% since the advent of Bitcoin. This was largely due to a strong decline in meat supplies, but inflation could not make up only 10% of this change. Chicken eggs also increased significantly in price – much more than 1-2 percent. The consumer price index is a very controversial way to measure the rate of inflation, so it is also popular with the government.


The problem with this index is that products, their quantity and quality are constantly changing. The inflation rate is rigged – just like the Comex, LIBOR and stock markets.=


So is it necessary to trust the dollar index, also calculated by the government? The easiest way to prevent a dollar from falling is to convince Wall Street that the dollar is growing, and it is very difficult not to be tempted to correct the dollar index in the right direction. Do not believe any information provided by the government. No matter what they say, the present state of affairs will always be exactly the opposite. If you live by this rule, your economic well-being will grow.

 Reason 3. The increase in the adoption of Bitcoin initially leads to a drop in its price.


In some ways, Bitcoin is a casualty of its prosperity. This is a double-edged sword. More and more retailers accept bitcoins as payment, and then, in 95% of cases, exchange them for dollars. Thus, the sale of bitcoins significantly exceeds their purchase. Bitcoin attracts all new retail companies that sell bitcoins every day for dollars!


If retailers took Bitcoins and then paid them wages, this would significantly strengthen the entire ecosystem. Bitcoin salaries are still a matter of the future; today it is rather a rarity. The desire of sellers to accept bitcoins is another sign of the growth of its strength and market demand. This is very good, but it would be even better if they paid salaries in bitcoins.


Reason 4. Bitcoin survived the bubble. Now move for the market


Over the past 18 months, Bitcoin has gone through the Mt.Gox bubble , closing the Silk Road , regulating Chinese exchanges , and introducing BitLicences . And despite this, Bitcoin still showed more than a 100 percent increase relative to its price two years ago.


The stock market is now on the verge of the largest bubble in history. The economy of the West is stagnating, and the stock market is growing at a frantic pace – you never asked yourself the question why? Is there a connection with the new dummy money created by the Federal Reserve?


Official economists: “The correlation between the seal of money by the central bank and the growth of the stock market has not been proven.”  


Overpriced stock, not supported by actual products – this is the last “race of stock bulls”. All the “bull races” someday end, and the current one is running out of fuel.


The average “bull run” on Wall Street lasts 2.1 years. The current has lasted for more than six years. All good things ever end, it’s just a matter of time. In other words, the current stock bubble is already three times larger than the average market bubble. The market will perform an independent correction, and you better stay away from this mountain when the avalanche begins.


By the way, how many times in the past year have you heard someone say on TV or on the Internet: “Buy gold and silver!” You hear it almost every day. So why the prices for gold and silver did not grow by 2-3 times? The answer is simple: gold and silver markets are rigged just like the dollar index and the consumer price index. These markets are controlled by banks that keep prices down. Many financial experts believe that the true price of gold and silver is 5-10 times higher than the current market, and therefore they are advised to buy now. And they are not mistaken.


If you believe everything you are told about the value of the dollar, the level of inflation, the price of gold and silver – you will look like a blind man, walking without a cane. I have experience of financial investments on Wall Street, and I can assure you that the price of gold in the long run will not be less than $ 1,500 dollars, and there are already prerequisites for its rapid growth – because the prices you see today are not real.


One day you will wake up, and gold will already cost 5-8 thousand dollars per ounce. Silver will rise to 80-100 dollars when the dollar collapses and hyperinflation hits the US economy. The only question is: are you ready to take preventive measures, or will you crash along with the market?


What’s more, what does this need to do with Bitcoin? When a correction occurs in the markets, Bitcoin and its owners will harvest a good harvest. Smart people who own gold and silver will sell it when prices reach their present level, and invest in something else, such as bitcoins – if they have not done so before. Need to have patience. Fools are constantly in a hurry and leave the game earlier than they should.


Reason 5. Reducing the production of bitcoins twice will increase prices


Do not forget that next year, at about the same time, the production of bitcoins will decrease by exactly 2 times – from 25 BTC to 12.5 BTC every 10 minutes. You do not need to be a wolf on Wall Street to know that reducing the supply of any product while maintaining demand at the same level (not to mention the increase in demand) will lead to an increase in prices.


Estimated transaction volume


 During 2014, which was considered unsuccessful for Bitcoin, we observed a steady increase in demand and volume of transactions. This growth was not influenced in any way by the price of Bitcoin – another indicator of market power.


This means that the price should at least double after the reward is halved. Let’s prepare for this in advance – because now we are in the right place at the right time. Whether you can take advantage of this chance depends only on you.



No one said that the collision of a revolutionary technology, such as Bitcoin, with the usual way of life will pass smoothly. Bitcoin is still in the process of growing up, but you don’t need to go deep into history to find similar examples.


Audiotapes were invented 15 years before the Sony Walkman made them famous in the 80s. As for Bitcoin, too much money has already been invested in it, too much technology is available and there is too much interest from global corporations to stop its spread.


The best minds and the fastest computers in the world are working on ways to apply this innovative technology. Bitcoin’s “network effect” cannot be ignored. Bitcoin has to go through this awkward stage, like a teenager who has outgrown his last year’s clothes before he can develop and become what we expect from him.


In 2013, it simultaneously grew from the “children’s currency”. The market has adjusted this growth. He always corrects. Now again, the dollar rules the ball, which inhibits the growth of Bitcoin. But it will also pass.


The dollar will have to pay for its overvaluation – the same thing happened to Bitcoin 18 months ago. Many people with an economic education view the upcoming market correction as the last correction in the history of the dollar, and I agree with them. There are all signs of the impending collapse of a truly biblical scale, and the owners of bitcoins will be well rewarded.


Bitcoin is more than digital currency. This invention, which can not be “razizobreteno back.” Bitcoin will evolve, grow into new opportunities, and it will change the world of technology. Digital currency will remain forever, because it is much better than what we have today, and the world desperately needs a better monetary system.


Bitcoin is not controlled by anyone, which scares all centralized governments; but the Internet has also never been centrally controlled, and it’s all right. I’m okay with the internet. Even better than good. Everything is so good with him that he gave life to Bitcoin – money for people created by people.


So let’s applaud yourself! We build and sell rescue boats right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and our Titanic is the US dollar rushing right before the iceberg. Bitcoin will not save everyone, but it needs an event that will promote it to the mass market. The collapse of the dollar will solve this problem soon.

Many people will make you more productive by jumping into a bitcoin rescue ship in the final seconds. Gold bars and exchange-traded funds will not help you buy food and water when the market executes the death sentence on the dollar.

When fans of the dollar are finally forced to jump into a Bitcoin boat for the sake of salvation, give them a helping hand. They will definitely need it, and it will happen much earlier than they think.

What do you think, what event will cause Bitcoin’s “native”? Share your opinion in the comments!

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